Efficient Software Packager for Cross-Platform Application Distribution. Simplify packaging and distributing applications across multiple platforms with our versatile software packager, Apverd. Streamline your deployment process today.

Welcome to Apverde Packaging Solutions

Streamline and simplify your software packaging processes with Apverde. Our powerful software packager combines the robust back-end development of C# with the seamless front-end experience of ReactJS. From package creation to deployment, Apverde offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently package and distribute software. 

About Apverde

Apverde specializes in developing innovative software packaging solutions. With our expertise in C# for the back-end and ReactJS for the front-end, we empower businesses to efficiently package their software applications. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge tools that simplify and automate the packaging process, ensuring faster delivery and improved user experiences.
Package creation

Easily create software packages with customizable settings and configurations.

Version control

Maintain control over package versions, revisions, and rollbacks for seamless collaboration.


Automate repetitive tasks and streamline the packaging process for increased efficiency.

Dependency management

Manage and resolve software dependencies to ensure reliable and error-free deployments.

Deployment options

Choose from various deployment methods, including MSI, EXE, or virtualized packages, for seamless installations.

Industries We Serve

Apverde serves various industries, including software development, IT services, and technology companies. Our software packager caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring efficient and consistent packaging practices across the industry spectrum. Explore how Apverde has helped businesses like yours streamline their packaging operations and achieve successful software deployments.

Software Packager

Discover our range of software packager packages designed to meet diverse packaging needs.


Designed to work harmoniously with popular tools, platforms, and processes, allowing you to streamline your packaging workflow without disruptions.

Seamless Integration

Apverde integrates seamlessly with existing software development and deployment ecosystems. Our software packager can integrate with popular version control systems, build automation tools, and deployment platforms. Achieve a smooth transition from development to packaging and deployment with Apverde’s flexible integration capabilities.

Packaging Automation for Liquidware FlexApp

Our Packaging Automation for Liquidware FlexApp empowers you to simplify and expedite the creation and deployment of software packages. By leveraging our intuitive UI and advanced automation capabilities, you can save time, reduce errors, and enhance the efficiency of your software management workflows.

Packaging Automation

Discover the benefits of our Packaging Automation solution today and take your packaging process to the next level with Liquidware FlexApp.

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